Boulder Office Eviction Looms for Twitter

Twitter faces office loss amid lawsuits. Fed Chair Powell unfazed by declining CRE property values. FL property owners brace for steep commercial insurance rate hikes. Rates may surge by 45-50%, doubling in some cases.

Boulder Office Eviction Looms for Twitter

Twitter faces office loss amid lawsuits. Fed Chair Powell unfazed by declining CRE property values. FL property owners brace for steep commercial insurance rate hikes. Rates may surge by 45-50%, doubling in some cases.

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Good morning. Twitter, amidst growing lawsuits, is losing its Boulder, CO office. Fed Chair Jerome Powell isn't worried about declining CRE property values, suggesting the worst may be over. Meanwhile, in FL, property owners brace for a significant surge in statewide commercial insurance rates this year. Rates may skyrocket by 45-50% statewide, with some potentially doubling.

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Twitter Evicted From Boulder Office In Latest Dispute Over Unpaid Rent

Source: TRD Elon Musk, 3401 Bluff Street (Google Maps, Getty)

Amid a wave of lawsuits for unpaid office rent in the U.S. and UK, Twitter is now facing eviction from a Boulder, Colorado office.

What happened: Twitter has occupied the Railyards at S'Park in Boulder since March 2020. Landlord John Buck Co., who owns the building, claims Twitter has not paid rent since February. In April, John Buck Co. served Twitter a "demand for compliance or possession," ordering the company to either vacate the property or replenish their $1M line of credit. Twitter ignored both requests, which forced the landlord to proceed with an eviction.

Twitter reportedly faulted on its rent payment at its Boulder, Colo. hub located in Railyards at S’Park (pictured).

#legaltroubles: Since Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter in Oct 2022, his stern cost-cutting measures, extensive layoffs, and refusal to pay rent have entangled the company in increasing legal woes. In March, a KKR affiliate sued Twitter for over $1.3M in back rent for their downtown Oakland, CA lease. Twitter's San Francisco HQ landlord and Columbia Property Trust (CXP) have also sued for millions and $136,260 respectively for unpaid rent. Further, in the following month, the Crown Estate filed a lawsuit in the High Court in London against Twitter for unpaid rent at a London property.


So what? Sue me: Since Elon Musk's takeover in October, Twitter has been in financial turmoil, defaulting on rent payments in Colorado, San Francisco, and London — and facing a lawsuit for unpaid cleaning fees totaling $200K at Colorado and NYC offices. The company also grapples with billions in interest expenses on a $13B loan, including approximately $600M on capex. Despite these legal battles, Musk remains unphased, telling employees, "let them sue," if vendors want their payment. Thus, it could be some time before Twitter is compelled to settle its debts.

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Fed Chairman, NYC Comptroller Unconcerned About CRE Crisis

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

The maestro of the Fed, Jay Powell, and NYC's fiscal soothsayer, Comptroller Brad Lander, are of the sentiment that tumbling property prices won't act as an economic wrecking ball for CRE. But are their crystal balls giving a clear forecast?

What does the Powell say? Despite billions of dollars tied to plummeting CRE valuations, Powell isn't concerned about CRE butterfly effects. The Fed chairman believes some banks will be hurt more than others and may experience significant losses if they have high exposure to CRE. But the banking sector should be able to absorb the losses without a major economic collapse. Call us pessimists, but he doesn’t exactly have the best track record with his predictions.

Lander's musings: NYC Comptroller Brad Lander isn't concerned about the effect of falling valuations on property tax revenue, either. Property taxes aren't based on valuations but on operating income. And since CRE operates on long leases, operating income tends to change slowly, resulting in slow changes to tax revenues. Lander's baseline forecast shows NY property tax revenues increasing over the next 3 years, from $35B in 2024 to $37B in 2027. Even in his "Doomsday" forecast, where values fall 40% over 6 years, property taxes still rise to $36B by 2027.


Stay calm, carry on: Investors with significant exposure to NY or San Fran commercial real estate may still have plenty of cause for concern, especially within the office sector. Yet, many landlords who have deep enough pockets to weather the storm are among the country's richest, likely to withstand even a steeper descent in equity. If these magnates can hold their nerve and ride out the tempest for a little longer, the lasting economic damage may be less than what we’re bracing for. At least, that’s what Powell is saying…

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Florida's Biltmore Hotel Cuts Windstorm Insurance In Half

The Biltmore Hotel (The Biltmore Hotel, Getty)

The historic Biltmore Hotel was forced to reduce its windstorm insurance coverage by half (and just in time for hurricane season), another sure sign of a growing insurance crisis in the Sunshine State.

Pay up or risk everything? The Biltmore Hotel received approval to carry $50M of windstorm coverage, half of the city's $100M requirement. The hotel's owner, Tom Prescott, is actively seeking replacement coverage but rising costs complicate things. The building’s insurance policy is nearly 3.5x pricier than in 2020 and almost 2x last year's premium—for less coverage. But Prescott believes that the $50M reduced coverage is still enough to protect the property in case of a “once every 500 years” storm.

Hurricane forces: Most hazard, fire, and theft policies do not include windstorm coverage, a major destroyer during hurricane season, which runs from June 1st to Nov 30th. And the historic Biltmore Hotel, developed in 1926, needs it. Sitting on 150 acres owned by the city of Coral Gables, the nearly century-old property will require a lot of maintenance over the next 10–20 years. Prescott has already invested over $50M in improvements since 2017, including storm impact windows and roof repairs.


No end in sight: Owners in Florida have seen insurance costs skyrocket over the past few years, with seemingly no end in sight. Recent hurricanes have heightened the issue for owners, and many insurers have stopped offering coverage to some areas altogether. Hurricane Ian, Florida's costliest storm in history (causing $109B in damages), was a contributing factor to the insurance hikes, despite not damaging South Florida. Statewide commercial insurance rates are expected to go up 45–50% this year, with some expected to double.

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