Arizona Cities Dominate US Economic Growth Rankings

According to a new analysis by CoworkingCafe, cities in Arizona, particularly those in the Phoenix metro area, are growing rapidly.
  • Arizona cities, particularly in the Phoenix metro area, lead nationally across economic growth metrics, with Mesa and Gilbert at the top.
  • Large cities like Mesa and Fort Worth showed significant GDP and employment growth.
  • Smaller cities like Nampa, ID, and San Bernardino, CA, excelled thanks to population growth, high employment, and proactive policies.
Key Takeaways

A recent analysis by CoworkingCafe pinpointed the U.S. cities leading economic growth nationwide based on size. The study utilized 2022 data to assess cities on 11 characteristics, including GDP growth, employment rates, and foreign trade activity, as reported on Globest.

Largest Leaders

Arizona cities, particularly those within the Phoenix metro area, performed exceptionally well across all categories. 

Mesa, with a population above 500K, topped the large city category with a score of 66. The city’s 38% GDP growth, 2% employment growth, and 34% infrastructure development surge were notable contributors. Phoenix ranked third with 63 points.

Fort Worth placed second among all large U.S. cities with 64 points, driven by 7% population growth, a  10% rise in educational attainment, significant housing investments, and diverse economic sectors, like tech and healthcare.

Meanwhile, Sacramento (62 points), Fresno, and Austin (tied at 59.9 points) rounded out the top five large U.S. cities.

Midsized Might

Gilbert, AZ, another city within the Phoenix metro area, led the midsized city category with 67 points. Its substantial GDP growth, infrastructure expansion, 10% population gain, and family-friendly reputation all contributed to its top ranking.

Jersey City came in second with 59 points, bolstered by 45% growth in median earnings. Other notable midsized cities included St. Petersburg, FL (57.5 points) and Stockton, CA (56.9 points), both of which saw significant business application booms, export growth, and workforce development.

Smaller Successes

Nampa, ID, led all small cities with 62 points, benefiting from population growth, falling unemployment, and proactive business policies. San Bernardino followed with 59 points thanks to a 4% employment rate increase and proactive efforts to revitalize its downtown CBD.

Port St. Lucie, FL (57 points), emerged as a hotbed for entrepreneurs with significant business growth and new housing developments. Murfreesboro, TN (56.3 points), and Surprise, AZ (55.9 points), also performed well, rounding out the top five small cities.

Zooming Out

The CoworkingCafe analysis highlights the economic dynamism from coast to coast, with AZ cities, particularly those within the Phoenix metro area, leading the charge across all size categories. The data clearly indicates that diversified economies and proactive local policies are critical to fostering robust economic development.

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