Valet Trash Services


The terms “valet trash,” “trash valets,” and “valet waste” refer to door-to-door waste and recycling service for multifamily properties like apartments, condos, student housing, and senior living communities.

Property amenities benefit residents, but rarely do they benefit owners and management. Valet trash collection generates extra revenue and boosts net operation income. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Valet trash services involve doorstep trash pick-up in multi-family complexes, where residents leave their trash outside their door for a valet employee to collect and dispose of.
  • Long contract terms, price caps, lack of provisions for poor service, and additional fees can contribute to overpaying for valet waste services.
  • Shorter contract terms allow for more opportunities to find cost-effective options and minimize the risk of overpaying.

How it Works:

Valet trash services entail residents placing their trash in a designated receptacle outside their door, which is then collected by a valet employee. These services can be offered on a weekly or daily basis, depending on the location. 

Most valet trash services are carried out at night to minimize disturbance to residents and allow them ample time to place their trash outside their door.

Key Components:

  • Contract Terms: It’s important to have shorter contract terms, around three years, to have more opportunities to review pricing options in the area.
  • Provisions for Poor Service: A service agreement should include consequences for consistent poor service, allowing for termination of the contract without penalty.
  • Prohibited Additional Fees: The contract should specify that additional fees unrelated to the cost of service are prohibited.
  • Pricing Protection: Stipulating that the base rate remains the same for the first 12 months and is capped at a certain percentage for the following years helps prevent unexpected price hikes.


  • Cost Savings: By identifying cost-effective options for valet waste services, you can potentially save a significant amount of money.
  • Equitable Pricing: Working with waste consultants who have established relationships with vendors ensures that you are getting fair pricing based on your location and needs.
  • Resolution of Service Issues: Waste consultants can advocate for you and effectively address service issues with vendors, saving you time and effort.


Understanding the factors contributing to overpaying for valet waste services is essential in optimizing cost savings. Shorter contract terms, clear provisions for poor service, and protection against additional fees are vital components to consider. 

Do not overlook the importance of professional oversight in waste management to avoid overspending. By partnering with waste consultants, you can proactively prevent valet issues, ensure equitable pricing, and protect your savings.

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