🚀 Meet the All-New CRE Daily

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…

🚀 Meet the All-New CRE Daily

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…

Good morning. Jordan here from CRE Daily 👋 

Back in October of 2022, when CRE Daily was pivoting from an idea into an actual business, we paid a freelancer to design a logo for us that would differentiate us from the pack. Coming from the world of finance, I asked the designer to incorporate a bull, and I thought it looked good.

A few weeks later, we debuted a fresh new look for our daily email after shifting our Email Service Provider (ESP) to Beehiiv. This move was a pivotal moment for our business. We saw a surge in open rates and engagement levels skyrocketed.

In the startup realm, it’s commonly echoed that brand voice, design, and values are the foundational elements of success. However, we believed that fostering a community of like-minded professionals was more important.

So that became our only focus.

Along this journey, we, as a company, began to find our voice. It shaped the way we interact with our community, share the news, and collaborate with our partners. It’s also played a pivotal role in framing our values, refining our mission, and crystallizing our vision.

Steve Jobs has so many memorable quotes but one that aligns most with our business ethos is: "You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

So, here I am telling you, 12 months into this journey, that we have started to connect those dots, understanding who we are (and who we are not).

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves…

Meet the all-new CRE Daily.

Our mission is to empower professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to make smarter decisions in commercial real estate.

CRE Daily as a brand represents: innovation, curiosity, empathy, and drive.

We’re approachable and actionable. Not a news company, but a destination for navigating a world of accelerating change, ensuring professionals are empowered to get smarter about what matters most in business.

But what about the bull? Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let’s set the record straight—our fan-favorite bull is here to stay! It will always be our mascot and remain in the daily newsletter. However, as we grow up and prepare for our next chapter, it’s crucial that our brand resonates with our future.

On that note, here’s what we have launching over the next few months:


We’re extending our coverage to 6 days a week, introducing a specialized Sunday edition to bring you the biggest stories of the week — plus the ones you might have missed. The first weekend issue drops on October 8th!


We are launching our refreshed and refined website to facilitate a more enriched and user-centric experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Product Reviews: Skip the hours of searching and demoing; find the top commercial real estate products, services, and technology all in one place to scale your business.

  • Daily Briefs: While our daily newsletter is the star of the show, you can now find daily original stories, in-depth market reports, and actionable articles for professionals to ink more deals.

  • Podcast: We are bringing CRE Daily to life in an audio format. "This Week in CRE" drops every Sunday with a roundup of the most important headlines in 5-minutes or less.

  • Education: Propel your career and master new skills with our curated list of online courses and training programs for professionals.

  • Events: Easily find industry events and meet a wide range of professionals in the real estate industry at our partners' events.


What is the mood of the commercial real estate market? How have asset values changed in each sector? CRE Daily has teamed up with John Burns Research and Consulting to provide the industry’s first Fear and Greed Investor Sentiment Index. Be on the lookout for more details on October 16th.


Hiring a real estate leader? Let us help. We’ve built an audience of the top C-suite talent in commercial real estate and want to help our subscribers land their dream jobs at the biggest shops. If you are hiring, register your role here.


Big thanks to everyone for your support and readership over the last year! CRE Daily now proudly connects with over 65,000 subscribers daily. Shoutout to our amazing partners and team; we couldn’t do this without you!

CRE Daily is more than just a newsletter; it’s a thriving community, and I’m thrilled about the innovative ideas we have brewing for the next chapter. Let’s continue to grow and evolve together!

Your feedback is invaluable—so please keep sharing your thoughts, letting us know what resonates with you and what could be better. We’re committed to creating a platform that is meaningful and beneficial for the entire commercial real estate ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support. Here's to many more 🤝🚀 

See you tomorrow,

Jordan Berger
Co-founder and Editor @ CRE Daily

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