CRE Firms Adapt to Shifting Landscape

The commercial real estate landscape is undergoing rapid changes as firms reassess their business models and asset management strategies. Two notable examples of these shifts are seen in Blackstone and Silver Star Properties.

CRE Firms Adapt to Shifting Landscape

The commercial real estate landscape is undergoing rapid changes as firms reassess their business models and asset management strategies. Two notable examples of these shifts are seen in Blackstone and Silver Star Properties.

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Good morning. The commercial real estate sector is experiencing significant transformations as companies reevaluate their business models and asset management strategies. Simultaneously, the largest mall landlord in the US is at the forefront of shaping the future of indoor shopping centers.

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Managing Assets in Flux: CRE Firms Adapt to Shifting Landscape

The commercial real estate landscape is undergoing rapid changes as firms reassess their business models and asset management strategies. Two notable examples of these shifts are seen in Blackstone and Silver Star Properties.

Blackstone's portfolio pivot: Blackstone, once a prominent player in the office real estate sector, has drastically reduced its real estate portfolio from 60% to just 2% of its total holdings. This transformation was not an overnight process. In 2007, Blackstone acquired Sam Zell's office portfolio for $39 billion, exceeding its intended budget by $3 billion due to competition from Vornado. To compensate for the higher costs, Blackstone offloaded some buildings. The impact of this decision, whether luck or strategic genius, remains a topic of debate.

Residential conversion plans for the Flatiron Building: The iconic Flatiron Building is currently being considered for conversion into residential space. Jeff Gural's GFP Real Estate group secured the building with a winning bid of $161 million. While specific plans are yet to be finalized, it is likely that at least half of the building will be transformed into luxury condominiums. The building's vacancy over the past four years presents an excellent opportunity for a comprehensive overhaul, with its spacious floors spanning approximately 8,000 square feet and a total of 180,000 rentable square feet.

Silver Star Properties' repositioning strategy: Silver Star Properties, based in Texas, has made significant strategic shifts in its investment approach. The company plans to reposition its 6.8 million square foot portfolio, consisting of office, retail, and industrial properties, into self-storage facilities. To support this transition, Silver Star Properties recently acquired Southern Star Self-Storage Investment Company for $3 million. However, the tightening credit markets pose potential challenges, including difficulty in financing real estate acquisitions on favorable terms, increased financing costs, or facing more restrictive financing conditions.


Big picture: The CRE industry is witnessing a dynamic period of change, with firms like Blackstone and Silver Star Properties adapting their strategies to align with new market conditions. Flexibility and innovation are becoming crucial elements for success as companies navigate the evolving landscape. Whether it's resizing portfolios, exploring new property conversions, or repositioning assets, the ability to adapt to changing market dynamics will be vital for firms seeking long-term sustainability in the sector.

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Here's One Way Simon Plans to Redevelop Malls Across the Country

Simon Property Group, the largest mall landlord in the United States, is leading the way in envisioning the future of indoor shopping hubs.

Incorporating hospitality properties: As part of their strategy, they are incorporating hospitality properties into their retail centers. For instance, in Seattle, they have commenced the construction of a Residence Inn by Marriott, which is the first of two planned hotels at the mall. Similarly, in Atlanta, they have introduced a Nobu hotel and restaurant, office space, and a fitness center to their downtown mall. This strategic approach is aimed at elevating the experience for both visitors and tenants.

Diversifying tenant mix: To attract consumers regularly, Simon Property Group and other retail landlords are diversifying their tenant mix. They are incorporating restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, fitness centers, healthcare facilities, personal services, and housing into their malls. This strategy aims to create a constant flow of foot traffic, generating business for tenants and ensuring the malls remain vibrant and appealing.


Changing it up: Simon Property Group is investing $1.5 billion in adding 2,000 hotel rooms and apartments to their malls, focusing on creating vibrant mixed-use centers that offer diverse experiences. Their efforts, including the redevelopment of the Northgate mall and improved transportation infrastructure, aim to revitalize the retail industry and provide seamless, engaging environments for visitors.

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📰 Daily Picks
  • Retail’s big problem: Organized theft in retail has surged by 26.5% in the past year, involving repeat offenders and large-scale thefts. Retailers are expected to lose over $94 billion in 2023.

  • Affordability gap: Renting is now more affordable than owning a home, with the average multifamily rental unit costing $699 less per month than the median monthly home payment, according to Newmark's Q1 report.

  • Bumping demand: Pretium Partners is acquiring thousands of homes from D.R. Horton Inc. in a deal valued at over $1.5 billion. The transaction includes finished and unfinished homes.

  • From pickles to pickleball: To attract more visitors, Houston's oldest and largest farmer's market is considering introducing the country's fastest-growing sport as an added attraction.

  • Eye-catching: Edinburgh's newest hotel, designed to resemble a coiled ribbon, is gaining attention for its unintended resemblance to the poop emoji.

  • Renter rights: The Biden administration is pushing for a renter bill of rights and has involved the Federal Housing Finance Agency to seek input on protections for multifamily mortgage applicants.

  • Office flight: Navigating the office sector is difficult due to uncertain business models, space needs, and a desire for flexibility. Property owners seek ways to encourage employees to return to the office.

  • Asking rate growth: Seniors housing rates have hit near-record highs, with independent living showing the strongest growth at 9.6% year-over-year in March.

  • Ongoing stress: Commercial and multifamily mortgage delinquencies increased across the board in Q1 2023, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).

  • Deal of the day: Slate Property Group, KABR Group, and Avenue Realty Capital have jointly acquired 600 Columbus Ave, the largest multifamily property purchase in New York City this year.

  • Pandemic correction: Housing speculators targeted Sun Belt markets in the early 2000s, but their assumptions may have led to housing bubbles and the subsequent financial crisis.

  • Backing out: Related Group has canceled its plans to redevelop the Trianon Condominiums in South Park, Charlotte, citing unfavorable real estate market conditions.

  • Hurricane risk looms: The upcoming hurricane season is predicted to be average, with 12 to 17 named storms expected, according to NOAA. This puts around 32M homes at risk, with a combined reconstruction cost value of $11.5T, as reported by CoreLogic.

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Office Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) implied cap rates are currently high, making office real estate much more affordable in the public market compared to the private market. However, the uncertainty lies in what will transpire next for office Net Operating Income (NOI).

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