Bob Knakal Launches BK Real Estate Advisors with a Focus on AI

Veteran broker Bob Knakal has unveiled BK Real Estate Advisors, blending his industry knowledge with artificial intelligence to revolutionize New York City’s commercial real estate market.
Bob Knakal is the king of NYC
  • Bob Knakal starts BK Real Estate Advisors after leaving JLL, introducing a boutique brokerage firm that plans to blend traditional methods with cutting-edge AI technology to enhance the real estate transaction process.
  • With an investment sales career spanning four decades, Knakal is known for his experience and influence in the New York City real estate market, having facilitated over $21 billion in building sales.
  • The new firm’s leadership includes Seth Samowitz as chief operating officer, a former tech executive with experience in AI, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation in real estate.
Key Takeaways

Bob Knakal, one of the most well-known New York City investment sales brokers and social media personalities, has set his sights on a new venture: BK Real Estate Advisors.

Following his departure from JLL, Knakal aims to leverage artificial intelligence to transform property sales in the bustling commercial real estate market.

Knakal’s reputation as a leading figure in New York City’s commercial real estate scene is undisputed. His journey, from co-founding Massey Knakal Realty Services to his tenure at JLL, has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. BK Real Estate Advisors is the culmination of this journey, embodying Knakal’s vision for a future where AI and real estate converge to create value in new ways.

“I think what was reawakened in me shortly after my departure from JLL is the entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “For 10 years working at the big shops, it muted that very significantly and immediately I felt this rush like the old MK days.”

The deployment of AI within BK Real Estate Advisors is set to revolutionize how properties are marketed, sold, and analyzed. From predictive analytics to automated client communication, Knakal’s approach to AI aims to enhance every aspect of the brokerage process, making it more efficient, accurate, and client-focused.

And Knakal is not alone. He has brought on board Seth Samowitz, an executive with deep AI expertise from stints at Uber and Square, to serve as the Chief Operating Officer. With an initial team of seven, plans are underway to expand to a workforce of 15 to 20.

Beyond the technological innovations, Knakal said the importance of personal connections in the industry still remains key. With ambitious plans to leverage AI for personalized client communication and a social media strategy, he is looking to maintaining and expanding his influence.

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